God in Triplicate

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God believes in redundancies.  He’s never just doing one thing.  In one place…..

Does the Sweater Fit?

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About five years into the House of Prayer, we began to do some genetic engineering.  We spliced spiritual DNA from IHOP and then began to add spiritual DNA from the organization we would eventually join, www.24-7prayer.com.

Not a Franchise

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We learned early on that building the House of Prayer was not about importing a franchise.  Here is Barbara Simmons, one of our early worship leaders, telling the story…

The Ravens

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15 years as a faith missionary in Canada, and I’ve never had to fast involuntarily…

Our First Home

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GOHOP’s first home was the Crossroads Centre, home of 100 Huntley St.  This ministry in Burlington was a fantastic incubator for a baby House of Prayer, and we had 8 wonderful years together.  Gloria Willoughby oversees the prayer lines at the Crossroads Centre, and is also on GOHOP’s Board of directors.  Here is her story….

A Solemn Charge

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15 years ago we were given a solemn charge to pray for local pastors and leaders. So we have been ever since – just about every week for 15 years!

The Day Crazy Daisy Died

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You may not be aware, but in a previous life before GOHOP I was a clown.  Craisy Daisy the clown, to be exact.


God speaks in mysterious ways, and as Kirk and I were discerning whether or not to be involved in a fledgling House of Prayer in southern ontario, soon to be named GOHOP, I had a very dramatic dream…..

Laying the Foundations

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Pastor David Cummings talks about the pastors prayer group that met and prayed for six years before GOHOP started, and prayed and dreamed it into being.

The Peace of Christ – Not!

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Let the peace of Christ (or lack of it) make a ruling in your heart.

Girl Interrupted

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God reserves the right to interrupt our lives whenever He pleases.  We are not our own….